The VCU Child Development Center has helped my child by:


"being a safe and trustworthy place. I do not have other options but to work, so the importance of my son's environment and how he responds to it is of the utmost importance to me."


"creating a happy environment for my daughter to grow emotionally and socially while also in a learning environment."


"improving his confidence, self-efficacy, and social communication skills, and also with emerging literacy and numeracy."


"providing a safe environment where my child is adequately cared for while I am at work."


"encouraging her to play and share with other toddlers. She now loves being around other kids."


"providing social learning and engagement, preparation for kindergarten."


"stimulating atmosphere for learning and warm relationships."


"creating a positive and fun environment where the kids want to learn. Kids are always excited to go to school!"


These are quotes taken directly from the survey that was administered to parents in spring 2017.